I really can’t stay. But baby it’s cold outside

mh1We are experiencing some frigid temperatures here in NY and you may be feeling conflicted as to whether or not you really need to take that break. Whether you physically change your location before, during, or after lunch that break is a matter of self care. As mental health providers we promote the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of stepping away but we are also known for not taking our own advice.  Depending on the location of your job, there may be a limited number of warm places to decompress during your work day. Here are a few places in the city to consider that  may be nearby:

United Nations Meditation Room: Although you will have to go through security at the door, once your in, simply head toward the Chagall stained glass window at the east side of the public lobby, enter, and have a seat.

Houses of worship:  A house of worship can usually be found at least within a 5 block radius in any neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. In the majority of cases,  an individual is welcome regardless of religious affiliation. These places tend to be peaceful, quiet, and tranquil.

Public Library or Book Store: A quiet place that surrounds you with worlds of distractions- books. Pick one up or don’t, stroll the isles, grab a table or some floor space and explore people, places, and things.

Indoor Public Plazas: You may have never noticed but on closer inspection, some of those large buildings near work house a food court, shops etc. So although a walk through or a sit down may not offer you the quiet you desire you can still take a break and grab some lunch.  A few popular spots are The Ford Building, The Wall Street Atrium, Citigroup Center,  and 875 Third Avenue.


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